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Cultivating Hires is a recruiting and staffing firm that helps companies find new hires. We provide a variety of services to help companies find the right candidates, including developing job descriptions, sourcing and screening candidates and conducting interviews.

We have a large network of job seekers and use our industry expertise to identify qualified candidates who meet the specific needs of each company. We also provide support throughout the hiring process, reference checks, and onboarding assistance.

Additionally, Cultivating Hires offers customized solutions for each company's unique needs, such as temporary staffing, project-based staffing, or direct hire placements. We can also provide advice on market trends, salary ranges, and other factors that can affect a company's ability to attract and retain top talent.

Overall, Cultivating Hires can help companies find new hires by providing a range of personalized services that streamline the hiring process, reduce the time and cost associated with recruitment, and increase the likelihood of making successful hires.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

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